GP Burners (CIB) LTD


Established in 1977, GP Burners has grown to be one of the leading suppliers of all types of burners in the UK offering the widest selection from a single source. Key personnel at GP Burners have over 35 years of experience in the combustion industry, providing technical knowledge as well as advice for new emissions targets. At our Swindon-based plant we have every facility covering the design, assembly, testing and inspection of all CIB UNIGAS and GP Burners supplied and installed in the UK as well as exported worldwide.


Special Burner & Equipment Srl


SBE Company has over twenty years of experience and awareness in the field of burners. It was born from the founding values of CIB UNIGAS, to add further value to the special burners department. Special Burner & Equipment develops bespoke burners, starting from project conception until the delivery stage, taking care of every detail with precision and responsibility.




CIB UNIGAS works directly in Russia with its subsidiary Cib Unigas SRL, with multiple offices in strategic regions that employ more than fifty people. In addition, operating in Russia and all neighbouring countries since the 1990s, Cib Unigas SRL has built a widespread commercial presence in a vast territory (53 times the size of Italy) as well as an assistance service formed by a team of well experienced technicians. Our team responds quickly in a widespread area, assuring the technical support of over 80,000 industrial burners.


CIB Unigas Energy, Science & Technology


After more than 20 years of presence in the Chinese market through distributors, in 2012 CIB UNIGAS established a subsidiary ‘CIB Unigas Energy, Science & Technology Co’. The Guangzhou based organisation offers commercial, technical and logistical assitance. Able to respond promptly and competently to all kinds of requests, whether standard or special, over the Chinese territory.