Our values

The “Unigas CIB” world is now more than ever the realm of mechanics, thermodynamics and electronics. Our vision is not depicted as a closed box, separate from the world, but it can be identified as a body that interacts with a cultural fabric of technicians, competitors, customers and suppliers.
People, ingenuity and a model based on a solid Italian business world are the basis for our competitiveness; we are talking about an agile organization, structured like a big corporate, but still able to account, now and always, for its own actions.
Reliability and quality

Sometimes defining the point of arrival can be the most difficult thing.
In our case, we have never had any doubt: in fact we choose to take the more demanding road, the only one that leads to excellence.
Flexibility and efficiency

The life cycle of our products is one of the most complex and complete. It is our strength to be able to satisfy any customized requirements, with a surprisingly competitive flexibility in times and prices.
Innovation and competence

Our vitality tirelessly pursues technological research, continuous training and the will to continue to outdo ourselves.
Respect and responsiveness

We pay profuse attention to the environment and to safeness. This is the feeling we wish to convey and devolve to future generations.