NOVANTA VS [kW 480 ÷ 4.100]

R91...VS R92...VS R93...VS
Monoblock burners made in die-cast aluminium housing with relative flange to work on heating generators. The range runs from 480 kW to 4100 kW power in different constructive versions as required by the type of final system or specific client needs. All burners are built in compliance with the directive 2009/142/CE. These burners, available with Progressive or Modulating operation, are provided with a combustion head “bell shaped” for high performance and low emissions. The electrical servomotor acts both on the butterfly valve and on the air damper; it works through a variable profile cam in order to achieve the best results of combustion.
The control panel facia is printed with a mimic diagram complete with lamps to show the sequential stages of the burner operation. Despite to its considerable dimension, this series permit all standard maintenance operations to be carried out by one single person.
The new air inlet system with built-in silencer ensures the lowest noise levels. 
Burners "VS" series are equipped with multiple firing heads in order to achieve a shorter flame.
Unlike other burners available on the market today, these burners have been designed with four combustion heads to produce a "soft " and compact flame , whereby the thermal energy contained in the flame is better distributed throughout the combustion chamber.
This feature allows the use of the burner in very short combustion chamber boilers.
Each system can be further distinguished by the equipment provided:
  • electronic or mechanical adjustment
  • O2 trim
  • built-in or separately-mounted (wall or console) control panels
  • fan motor ventilator with VSD

Performance Curves


Download the technical documentation of this product in .PDF format . In order to receive the instruction manual, please request from CIB UNIGAS through the free registration form .

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