18 July 2019


On 15th and 16th May CIB UNIGAS organized a Meeting of the Italian agents.
During the event data on market trends, sales projections and the company's development plan were presented. In addition, the meeting was characterized by an in-depth analysis of the new FACILE system, focusing on the new generation of burners: THE SMARTBURNERS.

Meeting of the Italian agents 2019 from the left Mr. Massimo Montagnoli  Domestic Sales Manager –  Eng. Claudio Pancolini founder and president of CIB UNIGAS, Eng. Riccardo Pancolini  Chief Technical Officer.


During the meeting we compared the main advantages of the SMARTBURNER compared to the electronic burners:

1 greater economical sustainability so as to pay back the investment only with energy savings;

2 ensures continuous compliance with the regulations, including the Dlg. 183/2017;

3 adapts to all types of heat generators;

4 implements constant and fast monitoring on all devices, on multiple levels and allowing predictive assistance;

5 allow the installer to commission in minutes;

6 self-adjusting environmental values for the entire operation from the moment of installation.


Massimo Montagnoli during Q&A on FACILE Smartburner.


The analogy was also interesting: "Industrial electronic burner - EASY" and "Mobile phone - Smartphone".

This comparison allowed the participants to immediately understand the evolution of the burner in SMARTBURNER and the generational change that it entails.


Massimo Montagnoli answers some questions about the Easy Smartburner.


The advantages of the SMARTBURNER FACILE are to the benefit of all CIB UNIGAS customers: designers, industries, OEMs and heat managers.