DUEMILA - TPBY [kW 3.600 ÷ 27.000]

TPBY2000 TPBY2500

This industrial burner design project was developed to obtain the greatest versatility in order to achieve the objectives posed by the client, and therefore in respect of the widest range of technical specifications. For example, combustion heads with air inlet from above or below the firing, axial or tangential air flow, or registers for turbulence adjustment and other features can be provided. This means that themachines can be personalised as required by size and performance in different industrial sectors thatoffer differ widely one from another. All the combustion heads are obviously available in the versions for liquid, gaseous or mixed fuels. Personalisation in these cases is almost inevitable and entirely feasible with our range, and all such requests are carefully analysed, one by one. Each system can be further distinguished by the equipment provided:

  • built-in or separately
  • mounted (wall or console) control panels
  • electronic or mechanical adjustment
  • oxygen flow control
  • flue gas re-circulation
  • combustion air heated up to 200°C
  • combustion oil thrust unit
  • combustion oil heating unit


Performance Curves


Download the technical documentation of this product in .PDF format . In order to receive the instruction manual, please request from CIB UNIGAS through the free registration form .

Technical data sheet
User manual


Power output [kW]
Combustion chamber backpressure [mbar]