CINQUECENTO - MILLE VS (pneumatic) [kW 770 ÷ 13.000]

KRBY515...VS KRBY525...VS KRBY1040...VS


This particular gas/heavy oil burners series has been developed in order to use compressed air or, alternatively, steam as a fluid to atomize the fuel which gives better combustion results when compared to the traditional atomizing systems.
These burners are provided with a low pressure nozzle which allows consumption levels to be kept low, but, above all limits the general wear of the whole atomization system. All burners are progressive, and are complete with electrical control cabinet, pump set to be installed separately by the final user, and the nozzle performs an automatic cleaning process at the end of each cycle.
The plant must be provided with compressed air or steam at 8 bar. Burners are ignited through a pilot which can works both with natural gas or LPG and are suitable to be used with fuels up to 4000 cSt at 50 °C (530 °E at 50 °C). 
Burners "VS" series are equipped with multiple firing heads in order to achieve a shorter flame.
Unlike other burners available on the market today, these burners have been designed with four combustion heads to produce a "soft " and compact flame , whereby the thermal energy contained in the flame is better distributed throughout the combustion chamber.
This feature allows the use of the burner in very short combustion chamber boilers.
The standard burner is set up to atomize only with compressed air, when steam is requested for atomization, the burner will be modified through a specific kit. Compressed air must, however, always be present at the burner in the following cases:

- cold start ups when no steam is available

- valve opening for automatic nozzle cleaning


Performance Curves


Download the technical documentation of this product in .PDF format . In order to receive the instruction manual, please request from CIB UNIGAS through the free registration form .

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