Nouvelles mondiales

Tesla burns with passion, just like our N180X
The first day dedicated to the meeting with our SATs from central-northern Italy ended last Thursday. It was a pleasure for us to be able to host at our headquarters in Campodarsego all the men and women who work alongside us constantly to satisfy the needs and solve the problems of our customers.
We are very pleased to have had the pleasure to welcome at our premises in Campodarsego the new Office Manager of Tubman Heating, a company that has been working with CIB Unigas for many years for the New Zealand market.
Happy Chinese New Year from CIB Unigas to all those who celebrate it!
An incredible experience at the AHR Expo2024 in Chicago!
We are pleased to inform you that UNITECH, a new division of CIB Unigas SpA, has been set up to serve customers. Here is who to call for specialised technical assistance.
We had the pleasure of hosting the prestigious boiler manufacturer Thermax at our headquarters.
A very welcome visit from Dr Margot Song aka Song Wen Ying.
New Facile super Low NOx series
CIB Unigas, in line with its objectives, guarantees high quality standards and high customisation of its products.