DUEMILA [kW 2.500 ÷ 19.000]

HR2050 HR2060 HR2080

The DUEMILA series, available in both progressive and modulating operations, represents the culmination of our experience in the field of medium-large capacity burners (up to 19.000 kW). Like all the other dual fuels models, this series perfectly combine the mechanical devices and systems typical of gas burners with the ones of light oil burners. In this manner these series can burn the two flues separately. This is possible because these burners are equippedwith an independent electric motor for the activation of theoil pump. As a consequence during gas firing, the oil pump motor does not operate and remains off. These burners are equipped with a high performance combustion head, designed to achieve an high irradiating flame when they run on natural gas. Instead, when they run on light oil, they are equipped with a by-pass nozzle which, using a pressure regulator, can reach a modulating ratio of 1:3. The control panel facia is printed with a mimic diagram fitted with neon lamps to indicate the different stages of burners operation and any abnormalities. Therefore, the burners are provided with an UV photocell to control the flame during the operation.


Performance Curves

Power output [kW]
Combustion chamber backpressure [mbar]
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Power output [kW]
Combustion chamber backpressure [mbar]