MILLE Low NOx [kW 1.000 รท 10.600]

HRX1025 HRX1030

Available in both progressive or modulating operation, the dual fuel gas/light oil series MILLE, represents the culmination of our experience in the combustion field in the medium to high output.
As for all the other models that use two fuels, they combine perfectly the requirements for gas firing with those necessary for the liquid fuels.
These burners are provided with an independent electric motor for the operation of the light oil pump.
During gas firing, the pump motor does not operate and remains off.
When firing gas, these burners are equipped with a combustion head to give a high irradiating flame, when working with light oil they are equipped with a by pass nozzle that by means of a pressure regulating valve in the return line gives a turndown ratio of 1:3.
The burner mounted control panel contains all of the burner management system and gives visual indication of the firing sequence and possible faults.
The flame protection system is by means of a UV photocell.
This new series of burners integrates the well known performance and reliability characteristics and has the new air inlet system with built-in silencer and the new combustion head that is particularly Eco friendly (gas side <80mg/kWh class 3 EN 676). Each system can be further distinguished by the equipment provided:

  • electronic or mechanical adjustment
  • O2 trim
  • built-in or separately-mounted (wall or console) control panels


Performance Curves

Power output [kW]
Combustion chamber backpressure [mbar]
Picture of MILLE Low NOx


Download the technical documentation of this product in .PDF format . In order to receive the instruction manual, please request from CIB UNIGAS through the free registration form .

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Power output [kW]
Combustion chamber backpressure [mbar]