Can the burners be installed in different kinds of applications?

  1.  Yes, they can. Our burners can be installed on boilers, ovens and industrial applications.

Can the burners work with different types of fuel?

Yes, they can. We supply different series of burners according to the type of fuel utilized: gas, light oil, heavy oil and solid fuel.

Do the burners respect the emission limits imposed by different countries?

  1.  Yes, on condition that CIB UNIGAS's indications about thermal load are respected.

Do the burners need regular maintenance and combustion controls?

  1.  Yes, the burners need periodical controls in order to guarantee performance efficiency and  energy savings.

Can the burners work with different electrical voltage and frequency?

 Yes, we supply burners which can work with all the voltage and frequency values.

 Voltage and frequency values different from the standard ones (230/400 V 50Hz) must be agreed during the commercial offer.